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What they say:

"Sounds like Ty Segall meets Frank Zappa." -Drunk guy at a party

"You sound like if the Beatles were a jam band." -Mike D.

"Do you know why I didn't wear socks today? Because the last couple times I saw you, you rocked them off." -Andrew P.

"Give it up for Lunar Ticks." -Woody G.

"This band is dope." -Van I.

"It's like Dopapod meets Dr. Dog"-Guy at Martyr's

"You turned my brain into Play-doh spaghetti coming out of my ears." -Andrew P. (again)

"I was walking around at Summer Camp when I heard your music and I knew, 'that's where I need to eat these empanadas.'" -John L.

"You're a jam band with garage-y teeth." -Benji F.

"You've got a hook; no, you've got TWO hooks!" -Kevin K.

"We've played with a lot of bands, and most of them don't sounds that good." -Ethan W.

"I would say they're like Dr. Dog mixed with Queens of the Stone Age, but a jam band"-Brady L.

"You guys went nowhere and everywhere and somewhere in between"- guy in Madison

"nobody had ever heard of you fuckers when you started, but it was great!" - lady at Leroy's

"You were playing those drums so hard i almost shit myself" - WIU Homie  

"….. FUCK!!" - Josh's mom 

"This is the first time this has been a venue and not just a bar…" Aeronaut brewery 

"Who sound checks with Dopapod?!?!… "Aeronaut brewmaster 

"First you sounded like the Grateful Dead, but then you sounded like something completely different!"... Independence party show friend

This band shits gold individually. Together they shit a whole new more rare cooler element like iron diamonds that are really good friends with garnets and jazz players and astronauts." -Jonny P