This band shits gold individually. Together they shit a whole new more rare cooler element like iron diamonds that are really good friends with garnets and jazz players and astronauts.”

— Jonny P.

"Thank You Pain" Available Now!!!


What they say:

"Sounds like Ty Segall meets Frank Zappa." -Drunk guy at a party

"You sound like if the Beatles were a jam band." -Mike D.

"Do you know why I didn't wear socks today? Because the last couple times I saw you, you rocked them off." -Andrew P.

"Give it up for Lunar Ticks." -Woody G.

"This band is dope." -Van I.

"It's like Dopapod meets Dr. Dog"-Guy at Martyr's

"You turned my brain into Play-doh spaghetti coming out of my ears." -Andrew P. (again)

"I was walking around at Summer Camp when I heard your music and I knew, 'that's where I need to eat these empanadas.'" -John L.

"You're a jam band with garage-y teeth." -Benji F.

"You've got a hook; no, you've got TWO hooks!" -Kevin K.

"We've played with a lot of bands, and most of them don't sounds that good." -Ethan W.

"I would say they're like Dr. Dog mixed with Queens of the Stone Age, but a jam band"-Brady L.

"You guys went nowhere and everywhere and somewhere in between"- guy in Madison

"nobody had ever heard of you fuckers when you started, but it was great!" - lady at Leroy's

"You were playing those drums so hard i almost shit myself" - WIU Homie  

"….. FUCK!!" - Josh's mom 

"This is the first time this has been a venue and not just a bar…" Aeronaut brewery 

"Who sound checks with Dopapod?!?!… "Aeronaut brewmaster 

"First you sounded like the Grateful Dead, but then you sounded like something completely different!"... Independence party show friend