We are Lunar Ticks

Hailing from Chicago, Lunar Ticks aim to barrel through stylistic boundaries by recreating and expanding on roots music (rock, jazz, punk, country, funk, soul, world, bluegrass etc.), with a DIY ethic and a jovial attitude. The band is influenced by the innovative Alternative rock of Wilco and My Morning Jacket, with a healthy touch of improvisation and composition in the vein of Umphrey’s Mcgee and Phish.

Along our travels we’ve had the pleasure of opening for Aqueous, Mungion, Mr. Blotto, Old Shoe, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Cornmeal, and members of Vulfpeck. We've also played Festivals all around the midwest, including Shoefest and back to back trips to Summer Camp Music Festival.

Each show is a unique experience with diverse originals and covers, crowd interaction, and exploratory improvisation.

The band and the audience play off each other, creating something that’s never happened before, and never will again.



Some Lunar Ticks we've shared the stage with: 

Joel Cummins- (Umphrey's McGee)- Keyboards

Mike Racky (Umphrey's McGee/Fate Nite)- Pedal Steel 

Natalie Lande- Saxophone 

Aaron Marsala- Handpans/Percussion 

Van Isaacson- Violin 

Cassidy Stirtz- Violin/Vocals 

Trevor Paulsen (AKA David Byrne/Ozzy Osbourne)- Vocals 

Tom Reeder- Saxophone  

Justin Sova- Drums  

Joel Masinter- Bass 

Mike & Paul Bolger (Mr. Blotto)- Vocals 

Justin Reckamp (Mungion)- Guitar 

Matt Kellen (Mungion)- Drums  

Brad Stirtz- Steel Pan 

Chuck (Earthlings)- Theremin

David Drilling (Arbor Creek)- Guitar

Kyle Smith (Alabaster)- Guitar