We are Lunar Ticks

Lunar Ticks are an eclectic Improvisational/Alternative Rock band from Chicago, IL. 

The band is influenced by the songwriting and studio experimentation of 90's and 2000's innovative Alternative/Indie rock bands like Wilco, My Morning Jacket, The Flaming Lips, Ween, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, and Dr. Dog, and fuses it with genre-bending, progressive musicality, and exploratory improvisations in the vein of The Grateful Dead, Phish, and Umphrey's McGee. 

Each setlist is formed from their diverse and expansive song list of originals and covers; debuting new material at almost every show. Extended improvisational passages can turn on a dime or meditate and unfurl in unexpected ways. Lunar Ticks aim to create a unique and memorable experience every time they pick up their instruments. 



Some other Lunar Ticks our crew has shared the stage with: 

members of The Disco Biscuits, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Pink Talking Fish, Turkuaz, Big Gigantic, Aqueous, Old Shoe

  • Joel Cummins and Brendan Bayliss- (Umphrey's McGee)- Keys and Guitar/Vox
  • Woody Goss- (Vulfpeck)- Keys 
  • Mike Racky (Umphrey's McGee/Fate Nite)- Pedal Steel  
  • Mike & Paul Bolger (Mr. Blotto)- Vocals 
  • Chris DeAngelis- (Kung Fu)- Bass  
  • Justin Reckamp and Matt Kellen (Mungion)- Guitar and Drums
  • Natalie Lande- Saxophone 
  • Aaron Marsala- Handpans/Percussion 
  • Van Isaacson- Violin 
  • Cassidy Stirtz (Carter's Sister)- Violin/Vocals 
  • Trevor Paulsen (AKA David Byrne/Ozzy Osbourne)- Vocals 
  • Tom Reeder- Saxophone  
  • Justin Sova- Drums  
  • Michael Dane- Drums 
  • Brad Stirtz- Steel Pan 
  • Chuck (Earthlings)- Theremin
  • Noah G (Earthlings) -Dulcimer
  • David Drilling (Arbor Creek)- Guitar
  • Kyle Smith  and Jackson Gibbons (Alabaster)- Guitar and percussion
  • Naomi Culp- (KAIA string quartet/Joel's wife)- Fiddle/Vocals
  • Pete Smith  (Miles Over Mountains/Grateful String Band)- Banjo 
  • Aaron Kelly- Vocals/Guitar
  • Charlie Otto (Charlie Otto and his Gear)- Vocals
  • Matt Coglianse (Zoofunkyou)- Bass
  • Clayton Mutert (Rotten Mouth) - Bass
  • Mike Morgan (Box Band/Beat The Meatles) -Bass