1. Brave & Bold

From the recording Lunar Ticks Presents


All I’ve ever wanted was to sing my song
Momma used to say the words sounded wrong
Now, I love my mother, god bless her soul
But she used to tell me to watch my tongue
There ain’t no use in being young
Ill never do what I’m told
I hope I don’t die before I’m old

All I’ve ever had was a dream
Just this guitar and a song to sing
My mind cant be bought or sold
Teachers tell me what to think
I think they can kiss my ass
They cant squeeze me into their mold
I hope I don’t die before I’m old

When I’m old I’ll have a bunch of guitars
hundreds of songs and thousands of words
and a record or two, maybe one will even go gold
but I don’t care long as the visions true
if i don't let the world muddy my view
before I die and start to mold
I hope I wrote one song that’s brave and bold