From the recording Lunar Ticks Presents


It’s okay to be afraid
dreams have a funny way
of keeping their people at bay
the best you can do is a little each day

and one thousand small successes
might make a big one
if love led the path that you rode in on
either way we’re here now
and ain’t it this moment that really counts?

loosen your tie come stay for a while
but don’t lose your head you’ll need it when
the bed you used for love and rest
reflects your loneliness

what is this heart that’s beating in my chest?
lunar ticks presents

we spend our youth
just dying to grow up
but the hands on the clock
both expose us and hold us
is this the time I’m supposed to make the most of?

count all your blessings as though they were cursed
take care of your words don’t let the turn
and twist with thoughts perverse
it will only make it worse

who are these voices singing in my head?
lunar ticks presents