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Unknown Gnomes/Neon Hearse

Lunar Ticks

The debut, double EP, recorded with friends in our basement, features plenty of inventive segues, special guests, and tones ranging from cheery folk sing along, to frightening dissonant chaos. These two parts separately showcase our two loves; songs and improvisation. 

Part one weaves in and out of richly textured, alt-pop, noise, folk, rock, and country songs. These quasi-satirical takes on popular music form and content are just slightly tweaked with oddball arrangements, subtle psychedelia, and a voice that can be both sarcastic, and sincere. Witty words shine through sing-able melodies, all wrapped up in warm, playful vocal harmonies. The tight live band feel gives these songs urgency and a life of their own. 

Part two takes you through an improvisation that blurs the line between performance and studio manipulation. The conversational interplay moves from blissed-out, beautiful melodic segments, to otherworldly realms, to frenetic funk fusion, to uplifting rock and roll. This sprawling twenty-minute jam takes you on a trek, much like the song side, but without any words or breaks to act as a guide. With the lights off and a good pair of headphones, you might find your mind wandering to places it’s never been. 


Released December 16, 2016 


Faraz Chaudry- Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Noises 

Ryan Mannix- Songs, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Noises 

Carter Stirtz- Drums, Percussion, Conch 

Caleb Gold- Bass 

Josh Levine- Keyboards 


Josh Friedberg- Recording, Mixing, Percussion, Awesomeness 

Joel Gutman- Mastering 


Tom Reeder- Saxophone 

Van Isaacson- Violin 

Mike Racky- Pedal Steel 

Nick Paras- Percussion 


Chris Hodge-Art 

Are Lunar Ticks 


Recorded at On The Fly Research and Transportation 

Produced by Josh F, Ryan, Carter, and Faz 

Special Thanks to Andy Hopple for putting up with us

“Unknown Gnomes/Neon Hearse” is an eccentric homage to punk/garage/ and all things Heavy. You’ve got the teen angst anthem “10,000 Pounds of Talking”, the quirky Ramones-esque “Got Time”, and the reckless abandon of “Ultraviolet Phlegm”. “Wahwahtosa” is an ode to college basement days, while “Subliminal Massage” shows a grungy Zappa like kookiness, and the epic finale “Neon Hearse” rips through the speakers. Blending Ty Segall’s ability to write pop hooks over dark and distorted music, with the diversity and musicality of heavy jam-rockers, Umphrey’s McGee, makes Lunar Ticks second EP release intense, demanding, and exciting as hell. 


released August 17, 2018 

Faraz Chaudry - Guitars,Vocals 
Caleb Gold - Bass 
Josh Levine - Keyboards 
Ryan Mannix - Guitars, Vocals, Noises 
Carter Stirtz - Drumset 

Josh Friedberg - Producing, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering 
Caleb Neubauer - Additional Engineering 

JJ McLuckie- Art

Written, Arranged, and Performed by Lunar Ticks 
Recorded at On The Fly Research and Transportation