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12/28/18 | 210 Live | Highwood, IL 

Lunar Ticks Presents [1], No Good Deed, Nervous Record> The Eleven [2], Bunny Fight!, Rain [3], Revolution [4], 10,000 Pounds of Talking [5] 

[1] Playin in the Band-Grateful Dead tease and improv 
[2] Grateful Dead jam
[3] Beatles debut + jam, w/ Janis Wallin from Family Groove Company on Bass 
[4] Beatles cover, Soullive version 
[5] Daytripper tease in intro 

Lou’s Notes: “Presents” improv went to a funk fusion fee and back to “Playin”. Show supporting Family Groove Company. Beatles and Grateful Dead theme.

-Full show recording-

11/29/18 | Chop Shop | Chicago, IL 

You’re Not My TV [1] -> LWL [2], Wahwatosa [3], No Good Deed [4], Crash& Burn->Feel Good Inc. [5]- >Crash & Burn 

[1] w/channel change intro, Lost Woods-Zelda tease 
[2] w/intro improv, X Files theme tease 
[3] w/improv 
[4] original debut 
[5] Gorilllaz cover 

Lou’s Notes: “LWL” intro jam had a heavy garage rock feel. "Wah" had an uplifting jam with full band hits at the end. 
First “Feel Good Inc” since 3/10/18 (41 shows). Supporting Aqueous w/Andy Farag.

11/10/18 | Kenny's Westside Pub | Peoria, IL 

Binge Livin'-> Garbaj Rock, Glass Onion [1] A Go Go [2], Lunar Ticks Presents, Psycho Killer [3], Got Time 

[1] The Beatles cover, w/bluegrass jam
[2] John Scofield cover 
[3] Talking Heads cover, w/ Noe Perez of EGI on guitar 

Lou's Notes: Show was played as a 4 piece sans Faz. First 4 piece since Show Fest 2018. "A Go Go" had a psychedelic jam, highly recc'd.

-Full show recording-

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11/3/18 | The Cafe | Macomb, IL

Set 1 

Binge Livin'> Lunar Ticks Presents> Keep the Car Running [1]-> Sign Language jam[2], Garbaj Rock, Revolution, Maggie's Farm[3] >Wahwatosa 

Set 2 

10,000 Pounds Of Talking, Nervous Record> My Favorite Things [4] , Got Time [5] , Seasons , Octopus Occupations , You're Not My TV [6]> 


Baba O'Riley [7]


[1] Arcade Fire cover w/Harry Hood- Phish jam

[2] original incomplete jam

[3] Bob Dylan/ Rage Against the Machine mashup

[4] Rogers & Hammerstien debut 

[5] Garage 2001 full

[6] Favorite Things reprise 

[7[ The Who cover, w/bluegrass jam 


Lou's Notes: Lottsa improv in dis one. 

-Full show recording-

10/27/18 | Tonic Room | Chicago, IL 

Atlanta, IL, Bunny Fight!, Statisticks [1], Rock and Roll [2], 5 Years Old, Brave & Bold 

Lunar Ticks Presents [3], Octopus Occupations, Maggies Farm [4], Baba O Riley [5] 

[1] w/improv 
[2] W/ David Levine on bass 
[3] w/ Down With Disease- phish tease and jam 
[4] Bob Dylan cover> Rage Against the Machine version 
[5] w/ bluegrass jam and improv 

Lou’s Notes: Mike Racky played pedal steel on all songs besides Atl, Bunny, Presents and Octopus. "Presents" improv featured multiple unique jam segments including freaky free jazz and beautiful major peak- highly recc'd. Phish pre-show.

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10/6/18 | The Store | Chicago, IL 

Nervous Record [1]>Ultraviolet Phlegm [2], 10,000 Pounds of Talking, Garbaj Rock [3], Octopus Occupations [4], You’re Not My TV [5] 

Happiest Days of our Lives>Another Brick in the Wall pt.2 [6], Lunar Fate Nite [7] 

[1] w/improv + ryan carter breakdown 
[2] w/heavy + spacey improv 
[3] funk improv 
[4] Little Mermaid jam 
[5] Reelin’ in the Years- Steely Dan Jam 
[6] w/ Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee for the jam 
[7] Second set was all improvised covers (Fate Nite). 

Lou’s Notes: Big Weekend after-show. Recc jams- Phlegm, Garbaj and Brick

-Full show recording-

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10/5/18 | The Wisco | Madison, WI 

Got Time [1]>Octopus Occupations, Lunar Ticks Presents>Happiest Days of our Lives>Another Brick in the Wall pt.2 [2]->LWL,

10,000 Pounds of Talking [3]->Wahwahtosa>Bunny Fight! 

[1] w/key change improv 
[2] w/improv-band trading solos 
[3] w/improv 
Lou’s Notes: Segue jams were on point. Umphreys after-show.

-Full show recording-

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